Small Route Trails

The files that can be downloaded on this page are pdf with explanation of the route and tracks to be able to download it on your mobile device. 

La Cuesta Blanca de Sierro Trail – Bacares

PR-A 14
Length: 14 km
Year of Approval: 2007


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Taberno Trail – El Picacho

PR-A 117
Lenght: 8,1 km
Year of approval: 2004


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Trails of Los Molinos – Urracal

PR-A 300
Lenght: 10 km
Year of approval: 2008


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Trail of Las Minas de Talco, Lúcar – Somontín

PR-A 301
Lenght: 12,1 km
Year of Approval: 2004


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Trail Sierro – Bayarque

PR-A 302
Lenght: 13 km
Year of Approval: 2009


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Trail Reul Alto – Laroya

PR-A 372
Lenght: 13,4 km
Year of Approval: 2011


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 Los Molinos Trail

PR-A 366
Lenght: 8.5 km
Year of Approval: 2013


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La Silveria

PR-A 368
Lenght: 19.24 km


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