ALMANZORA TOURISM is a project born of the concern of several employers of the region, within the Association of Tourism Businessmen Almanzora, to join efforts between administrations and entrepreneurs in order to promote tourism in the valley and create an engine economic.

On this website we will try to make known all the villages of Almanzora, its corners, places you can not miss, where you can stay, where you can sleep, what you can do in a visit to the Almanzora, etc.

Our Valley of the Almanzora will surprise you! We wish you a happy stay among us.

The Almanzora Tourism team

Brand Dossier

Get to know the essence of the “Turismo Almanzora” project.

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The logo is a “V” of Valle and an “A” of Almanzora with a sun up for the many hours of sun that we enjoy in the region.

At first glance it seems a happy person (arms up) is sure that it has come to the Almanzora and also brings to mind the memory of the indalo (symbol of Almeria), but has no arch up.

The olive green and light green color is a tribute to the oil of the region, undoubtedly the best oils in Spain.

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