Author: Antonio Ybarra ( Macael )

The Las Yeseras de Suflí Trail – SL–A 27 begins at Fuente de Suflí next to the course of the Sierro river. Leaves the town along the road that borders it in the direction of the neighboring municipality of Sierro. Upon reaching the bridge, cross the road to take the so-called Camino de Almería. You pass the cemetery and arrive at the so-called Rambla del Sol that offers the two alternatives of the path (long variant and the short variant).

Short variant goes down the Rambla del Sol until it comes out on the Rambla de Purchena, where it coincides with the long variant.

Long Variant, the path would continue to the right towards the old Gypsum Ovens next to some old quarries. Continue along the lane above them, it rises to the maximum height (819 m.), to later turn off another lane descending to the left, going down between some olive trees, until you reach the Barranco de la Higuera and exit onto La Rambla from Purchena that leads to the Sierro River. He crosses it and begins the ascent to Loma de Armuña, to then go down, on a paved track, again to the Sierro River and the town’s fountain, the starting point of the trail.

Las Yeresas Trail
Author: Antonio Ybarra

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The Yeseras Trail
Author: Marnau

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Las Yeseras Trail SL A-27
Author: Federación Andaluza de Montañismo

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