Las Minas de Talco Trail PR-A 301 has its origins in the old mining path along which the inhabitants of Lúcar and Somontín used to access the talc mining wells or “jaboncillo” and the farmhouses in the middle of the mountain.
This Las Minas del Talco trail runs through the northernmost part of the Sierra de las Estancias mountain range. It is located in the Alto Almanzora region, where the geological diversity is very evident in the surroundings of Cerro Montroy, in the municipality of Lúcar, or in La Asomaica, in the municipality of Somontín, and when it descends to the beds of the different wadis through which the trail runs or crosses.

Lucar and Somontin Talco mines – PR-A 301
Lenght: 12,1 km
Year of approval: 2004

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