• Route: Circular
  • Length: 10.8km
  • Estimated Time: 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Recommended time: All year
  • Unevenness: 174 m.
  • Difficulty level: Medium (see MIDE method)
  • Terrano type: Varied: earth, asphalt, cement and aggregates.

It starts from the old train station, now rehabilitated, where the Vía Verde del Hierro also runs. After less than 500 m, we will leave it on the right to go down to Rambla de la Jauca, leaving the bridge on our left. We cross the Almanzora River and under the AL-6403 bridge, next to the Sports Facilities. We will now take the Bolonor River which, after several crossings, leads us up some steps to an irrigation pond from where we will arrive at the Alconaiza area. From this point the views of Serón are impressive, activate the camera.

We continue along a dirt track and about 100 m of asphalt to take a path to the left that goes down to the Bolonor River. We will follow its descending channel for about 250 m to leave it and turn right going up to the old Lavaderos and the town next to the Hermitage of the Virgen de los Remedios.

We go around the town along Bacares street, passing by the old Civil Guard barracks. Soon we have a threshing floor, on the left that we leave to continue for about 200 m on asphalt and take a path to the left that leads us down to another threshing floor set up as a Panoramic Viewpoint of the town. Take out the cameras again.

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