Almanzora Valley – Almeria

From the Almanzora Valley Tourist Information Office we invite you to discover our magnificent natural environment in the interior of Almeria, ideal for nature, cultural, gastronomic, rural, adventure, religious, astronomical tourism, etc. WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU!

Discover the heart of Almeria

Welcome to the website of the Tourist Entrepreneurs Association of the Almanzora Valley. The region is located in the interior of Almeria and the municipalities that integrate it are located on both sides of the Almanzora River. You have to go up the river, full of almond blossom, orange trees and orchards, to discover the contrasts offered by the valley. From there, it surprises the monumentality of a Sierra of open and white entrails: the marble, raison d’être of almost all the towns of the Valley.

We invite you to discover our magnificent natural environment ideal for nature tourism, cultural, gastronomic, adventure, religious, astronomical, adventure, etc. The 20 municipalities that make up our region ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

AlboxArboleasBacares, Cantoria, Chercos, Laroya, Líjar, Macael, Olula del Rio, Oria, Partaloa, Purchena, Seron, Sierro, Sufli, Taberno, Tíjola, Urracal and Zurgena.


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Crowd of Ideas and Activities to do in your visit to the Almanzora Valley

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