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Macael’s past and present, written with a mallet and pointer, are linked to its main source of wealth, marble. In this majestic stone are settled the culture, history and tradition of this municipality.

For the “macaelleros” marble is its hallmark, its history. Around it, a deep-rooted culture of sacrifice, strength and dedication has materialized, which is materialized in the knowledge of the techniques of extraction and transformation that have been passed from parents to children, the old sand looms, the quarries, the factories of The modern techniques of numerical control, the Advanced Technological Center of the Stone, new materials such as the Silestone and the Dekton arose from the commitment to innovation, sculptures, sculptures, sculptures, Sidewalks, balustrades, facades and bollards of the urban center, etc.

This rich culture is being put in value, on the part of the City council of Macael, to facilitate its knowledge and experience on the part of visitors and neighbors. The Macael Marble Interpretation Center, the Marble Trail, the Quarry Viewpoints, the Macael Routes route, the world’s largest mortar (Guinness World Record), organized visits to sculpture and handicraft factories and workshops, Are a clear example of this.

As Mayor of Macael, it is an honor for me to welcome all those who decide to discover the wonders of our people through this website.

Visiting the municipality of Macael is an experience loaded with centuries of history where the White Marble of Macael is its maximum exponent.

The Macael Marble is present all over the world, in Roman and Arab monuments such as the Roman Theater of Merida or the Alhambra in Granada and also in majestic buildings such as the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai or the Russian Presidential Summer Palace, among others.

In addition, in our municipality you will find many tourist possibilities, such as our Marble Interpretation Center, our historical-religious legacy, a great gastronomic and hotel offer and various routes and trails.

I would like this website to encourage everyone to enjoy and get to know our people, wishing them a pleasant stay that will surely make them repeat.


Gastronomy represents the culture of a people. It is influenced by the climate, the economy, the natural resources of the place, the seasons of the year and the religious festivities.

Foto plato de migas

In the cold days of winter, when the rain makes its appearance, it is customary to cook crumbs of flour or bread, accompanied with broth of paprika, peppers and fried dried tomatoes, fish and slices, all watered with a good wine of the earth . Potatoes are also consumed, cooked in their different forms: wheat, pumpkin and fennel, which prepare the body for a hard day’s work.

At Christmas the typical pastry of these dates is made, the pork and lard cakes, the oil bread, the sighs and the mantecados.

With the arrival of spring and coinciding with Easter, the condiments are adapted to the prohibition of meat and vegetable products that emerge from the fertile plain. The Lent stews are prepared with cod meatballs and, as a dessert, the fried donuts and the fritters with anise.

On hot summer days, gazpachos and salads are refreshing. In addition, there are characteristics of rabbit or chicken fries and porridge with fish broth, taking advantage of the season of greater splendor of vegetables.

We can not forget the famous hornazos of San Marcos, an oil bread bun decorated with an egg and that according to tradition, it must be broken in the head of the most confused.


Historical Recreation

Organized by the Municipality of Macael, with this historical recreation, it aims to make known what it means to be a Stonemason in Macael through the “La Canteras Lawsuit”. A decisive fact by which, the stonemasons and their families, after a prolonged struggle (from 1919 to 1947), recover the public character of their quarries, communal according to the tradition inherited from the Muslim era, against their attempt of privatization by part of the local caciques.

Foto canteros Macael

With this event, we want to take a step further, involving the participant in this historical event, reliving it, with the aim of living the pride of being a stonemason, get into the skin of the protagonists and feel this fight as theirs.

Macael will dress period, returning to the period between 1919 and 1947. We will find stonemasons, muleteers, carters, owners of quarries, fragile, chambilleros, grinders, washerwomen and other typical characters of this time within a playful space characterized by buildings and most representative scenarios of that period. In them the representation will be mixed with the attending public, who will have the opportunity to taste tapas based on traditional gastronomy, dance to the beat of the music of the time (Charleston, pasodobles, Mazurca), watch demonstrations of stonework, craftsmanship and sculpture.

Rally Rise of the Marble

The Macael Marble Climb is a mountain car race, held in the Almerian town of Macael-Spain, and one of the decanas of the modality in the country. In 2017, it has 42 editions held.
The organizer of this automotive test is the Escudería del Mármol, based in the town of Macael, Almería.

Foto Rally Subida del MarmolThe route of this mountain climb has a distance of 4.5 kilometers that run along a winding road (AL-840) that crosses one of the many quarries in the area. Throughout the layout and permanently throughout the year, there are used car tires to prevent competition vehicles from colliding with stones and guard rails.

Honor to the Virgin of the Rosary

Foto Virgen MacaelOn October 7, Macael commemorates its Patroness, La Virgen del Rosario. They are the big parties and the town is thrown into the street to venerate its image that has been since time immemorial the hope and relief of stonemasons and marble workers.

The macaeleros feel proud of their Virgin and entertain her with multiple promises, offerings and with gunpowder, that tears the sky as a prayer, asking for protection for her workers.

The most multitudinous religious act is the Eucharist in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary that is celebrated outdoors at the foot of the church tower. Immediately after the procession takes place, of about 1,100 ms, of route by the main streets of the municipality to return to the departure site. After the religious ceremony, the attendees enjoy the gastronomy of the place at the midday fair, which lasts until late in the afternoon. The night, nothing has to envy the day and enjoy the leisure in the many mechanical attractions, fireworks castle and dance in the Municipal House and in the Youth.

Tribute to the Stonemason

It is celebrated the first weekend of December. Traditional festival in which the hard work of the worker is recognized, after a long working life. Conferences and colloquia about work in the quarry. Popular migas cooked with care by the women and men of the town for the delight and satisfaction of the people of Macaelenses and visitors. Act tribute and delivery of plates to retired stonemasons throughout the year. Mass of thanksgiving and wreath at the monument to the stonemason.

San Marcos

Foto San MarcosOn April 25 is the day of San Marcos patron of Macael. It is a tradition to spend the day in the country with family and friends, and eat the traditional hornazo (oil bread with an egg cooked in the middle). The most popular meeting point is in the era of the Rambla-Canfornal, where a mass is celebrated and then a small procession through the cortijos located in that area, singing and dancing.

Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Fatima

Foto Romería Virgen FátimaIt is a pilgrimage on foot from the Church of Macael to the Hermitage of Marchal in honor of the Virgin of Fatima. Once there the mass is celebrated and then the procession through the usual streets accompanied by the Banda de Tambores y Cornetas de Macael. It is celebrated every May 13.


Foto Carnaval MacaelIt is one of the most anticipated parties of the municipality and each year has more participants. It is celebrated on 2 weekends in which the comparsas contest will take place at the Municipal Theater and the Parade with a large costume ball and awards ceremony. It is remarkable the great interest and participation of the people of the municipality for the carnival, surpassing each year with the originality of the costumes and the lyrics of the comparsas.

Parties of the Neighborhoods

The San José Obrero neighborhood celebrates the first of May. The one in San Antonio, on June 13. San Juan, on June 24. The Virgen del Carmen, on July 16 and finally, the Collado neighborhood celebrating the Virgin Mary, on September 12.

Holy Week

Foto Semana Santa MacaelHoly Week in Macael has a great tradition. The most striking and colorful procession is that of the Santo Entierro, on Good Friday. It is impressive to see the lighted torches in the hands of the Nazarenes hidden under their capiruchos, and the costaleros climbing the steep streets of the town in strict silence. On Easter Sunday, in the early hours of the morning, the procession of the Encuentro takes place. In it, the Virgin of the Rosary crosses a part of the town in search of the images of the Risen Christ and Saint John, who wait at the crosses of Calvary. In the reunion the thrones are made to dance to the beat of the band, under a shower of rose petals.




What to do in Macael

If you are thinking of taking a different trip to discover beautiful places and charming towns that are not usually well known, a trip to Macael is an excellent option. Our town has many options to make and we recommend the ones that are sure to be of your interest.










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