Discover the Villages of the Heart of Almería

The region of Valle del Almanzora is located in the inner zone of Almería. The municipalities that integrate it are located on both sides of the River Almanzora, which runs through the whole territory and becomes the backbone of it.

The Almanzora River, with its flowering almond trees, orange groves and orchards, must be traced to discover the contrasts of its valley. From there, it surprises the monumentality of a Sierra of open and white entrails: the marble, raison d’être of almost all the towns of the Valley.

The Almanzora Valley is linked to the industrial exploitation of its natural resources, with such outstanding manifestations as mining, wine production, olive cultivation, agriculture such as the almond tree or the meat industry. All that heritage, technology and know-how represents one of the features that have characterized the way of being, history and culture of the towns that make up this tourist area.

The taste is grateful to taste the pot of fennel, the rabbit fry, the gourds with hare, the partridge stewed and the sighs of almond.

Discover here all the beauty that surround the municipalities of the Almanzora Valley.


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