The trail La Cuesta Blanca – PR-A 14 runs from Sierro to Bacares (or vice versa) through the central part of the Sierra de los Filabres. It is located in the Alto Almanzora region. The geological diversity is shown throughout the route, from the demolitions that we can see in the course of the river Bacares and its surroundings to the metaformic schists of the heart of the Filabres and the limestone and dolomitic materials that make up the Mesas de Bacares and Bayarque.

The route of the trail has tried to recover the old paths that the inhabitants of these two villages, as well as their farmhouses, used every day to move around and carry out their daily tasks.

The White Slope of Sierro a Bacares – PR-A 14
Length: 14 km
Year of Approval: 2007

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