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On behalf of all the residents of Taberno, I welcome this website. Through this window, we want to show you a town with an infinity of traditions, customs and hospitable people willing to offer the visitor its human warmth.

You are invited to enjoy our gastronomy, our unique scenic corners as well as to share all the cultural, sporting and festival events that we prepare with great care and dedication.

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Villa located north of the province of Almeria, in the foothills of the Sierra de la Estancias, between Murcia and Los Vélez. Its population is divided between Taberno and its annexes as Los Llanos, Santopetar, Los Pardos, Rambla de Taberno, El Aceituno, Los Camachos, Los Mundos and Cercanías.

The independence of Vélez Rubio was from 1839. Before there was another attempt of segregation, with the Constitution of 1812, which put as a condition for municipal autonomy that had more than a thousand inhabitants, enough territory and distance from the people close. Taberno met the conditions set by law and began its journey. With the repeal of the 1812 Constitution, it would again depend on Vélez Rubio until the Constitution of 1837, in which its situation was definitively normalized up to the present day.

At the beginning of the century it would have about 2,500 inhabitants. The scarce economic resources caused by the crises of our century meant that emigration was responsible for reducing its current population to less than half. Today favorable conditions are being created for the stability of the population and a hopeful future is presented. In agriculture a series of improvements are taking place, especially in the drilling of new aquifers, which will provide a better development. In livestock, with the goat’s milk cooling center “La Pastora”, it has made possible its sale and commercialization.

A tradition worthy of mention is that of the “Dance of Souls”. The crews are formed on December 13 to prepare the trials. After singing and dancing around the town, the specialty is dances to order, even bargaining is allowed. The money obtained is used to maintain the light of souls. The gangs dissolve after Christmas until the following year. This tradition comes from the beginning of the 12th century, with reviews in the Cadastre of Ensenada from the mid-18th century.


Taberno is a gastronomic reference in both typical foods and traditional sausages, pure goat cheeses and wood-fired pastries.

We must highlight three delicacies, its exquisite blood sausage, a nationally recognized specialty, the crackling cake prepared in a wood-fired oven and the more than 13 varieties of 100% pure goat cheese.


August Festivities

In Taberno it is celebrated during the second week of August. Cultural, sports activities are developed from the previous weekend until Thursday that kicks off to the parties with the proclamation continuing with the La Ventolera Thematic Encounter. During the weekend: election of queens of the parties, race of ribbons on horseback, decorated carriages, dances of parrandas, popular verbenas enlivened by different orchestras. And on Sunday it stands out for its San José procession accompanied by the municipal music band.

Candelaria Festivities and August Festivities (Los Llanos)

The religious festival in honor of the Virgin takes place on February 2, the day of Candelaria.

There are different leisure activities for all audiences, it is worth noting that they are still doing the same raffle from time immemorial of a cake and a couple of pigeons in their basket and the most interesting is the procession that takes place after the mass, not have an itinerary or a specific duration since the itinerary, the stops and the bearers are decided by bidding, a very singular tradition as well as beautiful.

Of course, in such a traditional party, you can not miss the typical parrandas of this area.

Coinciding with the 15th of August, the patron saint festivities are celebrated in honor of the Virgen del Carmen.

Encounter of Cuadrillas de Taberno

Every year at Christmas the Encuentro de Cuadrillas de Taberno takes place, a traditional folklore from the northern area of Almería, which brings together the cuadrilla from Taberno with gangs from other municipalities to exchange experience in a day of coexistence that begins in the early hours of the tomorrow in the districts and ends in the scenic space of Taberno with the exhibition of each one of the crews participating in the activity.

It should be noted the large number of people in the parades that are performed throughout the municipality and in the final activity in the scenic space.

Saint Joseph

It is celebrated on March 19 in honor of the patron Saint Joseph, there is a procession, the most important in terms of number of people, leaving the Church to the source of the common where a mass is given to ask for a good year of rains. It is also a special day for the recognition of the trajectory that is given to the person or groups of people that you have highlighted for their commitment to the municipality, in any environment.

Festivities of Santopétar

In Santopétar celebrations are held on the third weekend of August, with a multitude of activities for all ages from Thursday to Sunday, with a special day, Monday where the inhabitants meet to share a meal.

In May, they decorate their hermitage for the celebration of the crosses and celebrate an outdoor mass.




What to do?

If you are thinking of taking a different trip to discover beautiful places and charming towns that are not usually well known, a trip to Taberno is an excellent option. Our town has many options to make and we recommend the ones that are sure to be of your interest.








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