In 1609 was inaugurated the Parish Church Santa Maria of the Rosary, in Mudéjar style. The then Bishop of Almeria, D. Fray Juan de Portocarrero, ordered the construction of this tower and the episcopal shield. The tower, of majestic aspect and in good condition of conservation, is crowned by the bell tower. To the exterior it presents a cover to four waters with Arab tile and to the interior a wood paneling in the first and second body. Its decoration is made of alternating bricks with masonry drawers, semicircular arches and geometric drawings accused by the brick out of its walls. From its origins to our days the church has undergone numerous modifications in its structure, so the interior space is diaphanous and wide, presenting a single nave, drawing attention to its side facades, unusual in the churches of the region and this is due to The last restoration carried out in 1992 in which the main door was blinded, to place in its place the High Altar. The Altar Mayor presents a marmoreal decoration of varied shades, where the most outstanding is the temple that projects inside the shrine, beautifully made and carved by the craftsmen “Children of José Sabiote Navarro”. The most outstanding of the Church, besides its tower, are the carvings of the Reclining Christ; The child that sustains the Virgin of the Rosary, both of the seventeenth century, saved from the massive burning of Santos carried out in the Civil War and the valuable oil of the Purísima Concepción from the school of Juan de Juanes.

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