The marble mortar is a very popular object that has become our tourist icon. Inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records, it is a tribute to the artisans of Macael marble.

Prior to the installation of handicraft workshops in the town, at the end of the 19th century, its complete elaboration (from the drawing on a piece of white marble until its carving with pointers and grinding) determined the end of the stage in which the Young people acted as apprentices, to become considered as stonemasons.

More recently, it has gained a notoriety thanks to its use by famous chefs in their appearances in gastronomic television programs.

Installing in the roundabout of the Avenida de Almería with the Avenida de Ronda is, of course, done in Marble of Macael.

The mortar (base) has dimensions of 3.29 mts. Of height, 3,07 mts. Diameter of the mouth and 30.9 tons of weight; While the hand is 4.73 mts. Of height, 0.85 mts. Of diameter and a weight of 5,820 Kg.

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