The Center of Interpretation of Marble is conceived as a cultural space where history, tradition, innovation and future coexist harmoniously to offer us a vision on the culture of Macael marble.

It fulfills a triple function as a reception center for visitors, a tourist information point and an interpretive space that enables a contextualization of the Macael marble culture.

In its interior we find 22 panels, with information in Spanish and English, that help to interpret the Culture of the Marble of Macael. Beginning with its traditions and history, continuing through different geological aspects and situation of the areas where the quarries are located, by the methods and utensils that were traditionally used both in their extraction and in their transformation, the evolution in the transport of the material, the Physical characteristics of marble blocks, the modern extraction process, the ecological-landscape restoration of quarries and tailings, the methods used in the different typologies that are distinguished in the subsector of the transformation currently: elaborate factories, the mill Stone and crafts workshops, the presence of Macael marble in celebrated buildings throughout history and around the world, and ending with a look to the future with innovation in the stone industry, and artificial stone.

Along with them, the exhibition of different pieces and elements contributes to make the visit more attractive, participative and experiential: archaeological pieces, large and old photographs, video screens, model of extraction area made of Macael white marble, Recreation of a quarry, a forge and a handicraft workshop, with tools and utensils used in the past, different samples of minerals extracted from the quarry zone, native seeds used in the restoration of dumps, varieties of marbles and travertines Local, national and international works in Macael, marble finishes, various artistic pieces and handicrafts made of marble, and artificial stones, the exact replica of two of the lions of the Courtyard of the lions of the Alhambra, replicas Of elements of extraction used in antiquity and coming from the props of the film “The handb Ook of exodus “, directed by Ridley Scott and shot in the quarries of Macael.

It also has a projection room, a space for the reception of visitors and tourist information, and a small store of marble items.


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· Tuesday to Sunday mornings (Sunday afternoon and Monday closed).

· October – April; 10.00 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 19.00 | · May – September; 10.00 to 14.00 and 18.00 to 20.00

Description: Information about the main tourist resources and services of Macael and surroundings (Viewpoints, trails, itineraries, monuments, hotels, restaurants, etc).

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Phone: 950128916 | Email: [email protected]


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Company: Made in Macael, Tour guides.

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