It is an exact replica of the Fountain of the Courtyard of the Lions of the Alhambra, also made in Macael white marble, surely one of the most relevant symbols of the Nasrid legacy. The source is made up of 12 lions, all different in size and detail, but in three groups of four, depending on the similarity of their formal features; Nose, hair of the mane, jaws and position and relief of the tail. The cup, 262 cm in diameter and 49 cm thick made in a single piece, is written in its perimeter 12 verses of the minister and poet Ibn Zamrak describing the source itself. The Fountain of the Lions of Macael is an exclusive piece that is not found in the rest of the World, since at the feet of the lions owns great plates of White Macael marble in which you can read the Arabic verses of the cup translated To Castilian. It is located in the Plaza de la Constitución next to the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church.

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