Marble Interpretation Center – Active Tourism – Industrial Tourism: Made in Macael invites you to learn about the Macael Marble culture at the MÁRMOL INTERPRETATION CENTER. We also offer guided tours services to QUARRIES, MANUFACTURING FACTORIES, Corcones de Macael and Sendero del Mármol.

Made in Macael comes up with the idea of ​​showing and making known the culture of Macael marble. With more than 25 centuries of history, the quarries of Macael have been and are the economic base of the region. Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs have passed through them, leaving us a legacy of majestic works where we find our white marble. The Roman Theater of Mérida, the Alhambra of Granada and the Royal Palace of Madrid are examples of this.

At present, there are several marbles and natural stones that are extracted from the quarries of Macael and numerous its utilities. Thanks to the advances in transport and the opening of new markets we can find Macael marble in large and famous works from around the world, as in the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, in the Kremlin Palace in Moscow or the most luxurious hotel of the world, the Silver City Hotel in China.

We invite you to get to know all this culture through our Marble Interpretation Center with GUIDED VISITS to extraction areas (QUARRIES) and MANUFACTURING FACTORIES.


The Marble Interpretation Center is conceived as a cultural space where history, tradition, innovation and future coexist harmoniously to offer us a vision of the marble culture in Macael. Through interpretive panels, audiovisual resources and exhibitions of different pieces and elements, a space is created that makes possible the contextualization of this culture and that contribute to making the visit more attractive, participative and experiential.

Duration: 45 min approx.


The quarries of Macael occupy more than 6,600 hectares. Within them we will visit the Cosentino viewpoint from where the modern extraction process will be observed and explained. In addition, it will show how was the old communication system in the quarries by using “conches” and will be given the chance to experience “in situ” the process of “zipping” the marble with the use of pinch and almaina, with the objective of making the visit more experiential. We also have special permission to visit the quarry area where Ridley Scott’s film “Exodus: Gods and Kings” was filmed.

Duration: 1h 20min approx.


Macael and the Almanzora Valley region have recently been declared by the Junta de Andalucía as “Area of ​​Artisan Interest”, being the first in the province of Almeria, and all thanks to the recognition of our artisans in the world.

The visit will consist of seeing a craft factory of Rubira Sola de Macael industrial estate, where the different processes of transformation and elaboration of marble will be explained, and it will be observed how a master craftsman works.

Duration: 1h 20min approx.

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