It is accessed from the A-92, taking the N-334 towards Zurgena, deviation in Cantoria to Oria. This municipality offers a landscape full of fantasy and unrepeatable uniqueness, especially the hills covered with a continuous layer of thick agglomerated stone, where erosion has been excavating abundant cavities and grottoes that once hosted the first settlers in the area .
The Patron Saint Festivities are celebrated on June 13, San Antonio, and on September 29, San Miguel.

Partaloa Town Hall

From the Partaloa Town Hall it is an honor for us to welcome all those who decide to discover the wonders of our town through this website.

Visiting the municipality of Partaloa is an experience steeped in centuries of history.

All these singularities constitute a surprising mixture able to offer the visitor multiple tourist possibilities.

We would like this website to serve to encourage everyone to enjoy and get to know our town, wishing them a pleasant stay that will surely make them repeat.



Through its history appears with many different names: Carsaloba, Cartaloba, Cantalobo, Paralobra, in the Bull of 1505 appears as Partaloba, name that will have its continuity until the end of the eighteenth century, and in the nineteenth century will appear with the current name.
After the Christian conquest will pass through very different hands either by assignment or purchase. The Catholic Kings ceded Partaloa to Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, who appointed Muhammad Valenci as warden. In 1501 it would be sold to José Álvarez de Toledo and Osorio Córdoba y Guzmán, possessor of the cantons of Cantoria and Partaloa. In the year 1515 it would be sold by the Duke of Cantoria and Partaloa to Don Pedro Fajardo for two and a half million maravedíes, of these, 150 were for the buildings and fortresses and the rest for the 470 vassals that existed between both villas at the rate of 5,000 maravedis each. Pedro Tortosa would be appointed warden.
Worthy of mention are the traditions of the “farras”, celebration of parties of friends together with food and drink, or “La Cencerrá” party that is celebrated with songs, noises of cans and pots the night a couple marries and one of the two is widowed or widowed.


  • Migas
  • Puchero
  • Olla de segadores
  • Caldo de huevos
  • Gurullos 
  • Remojón
  • Pelotas
  • Choto a la pastoril
  • Manitas de cerdo con pisto
  • Trigo guisado
  • Fritada de sangre
  • Hornazo
  • Roscos de aguardiente
  • Roscos de naranja
  • Almendrados
  • Suspiros

Feasts of the Yellow Stone

In honor of San Cayetano around July 15. It is the party of one of the parishes of Partaloa. The party is composed of a ceremony in honor of the Saint in the Chapel of San José and dance around an orchestra on the site in front of the chapel. During the day a bar is placed and the half-day fair (music and tapas) is held, each time, more extended by the region. Originally the district was composed of four or five houses grouped. In recent years, with the arrival of British citizens and the construction of hundreds of houses in the hamlet for this population makes the party come alive and hundreds of local people of different nationalities concentrate for the night dance. Nobody leaves indifferent as a native of the United Kingdom can dance pasodobles, rumbas or sevillanas.


Party of popular character of three days of duration around the 15 of August. For a long time and responding to the image of emigrant Partaloa the town when more people had influx was in summer, so it was decided that the patronal feast of San Antonio de Padua that is celebrated on June 13 should have some reference in the Summer time that was when more people had. It is characterized by the myriad of activities that are organized.

Festivities of San Miguel

September 29th

Fiestas del Cerro Gordo

District of Partaloa. The day of The Ascension is celebrated, around the 24th of May.

Party in honor of San Antonio de Padua.

Mass and procession through the streets of the town in honor of our Saint on June 13. It is characterized by dancing in the Plaza de La Constitución. All the inhabitants of the town are concentrated in this square where several orchestras liven up the evening.





What to do

If you are thinking about taking a different trip to discover beautiful places and charming towns that are not usually well known, a getaway to Partaloa is an excellent option. Our town has many options to make and we recommend the ones that are sure to be of your interest.



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