Arboleas is located at the Valle del Almanzora. It is 105 km away from the city of Almería. In 1996 it had only 1550 inhabitants and in the present it has more than 4500 people live many of them are of British nationality.

It’s about Arboleas from a municipality that has tried, for some years, to convert its
heritage, whether natural, archaeological, artistic, architectural or ethnological in tourism resource.

This together with the private initiative, in the sense that it has endowed us with restaurants and accommodation of a certain quality, we have managed to set up a sector, such as tourism, where we intend to combine tradition, nature, art and quality.

On the one hand, patrimonial resources, and other infrastructures, whether public or private, have been arranged on routes, which are about:

  • Urban route: a visit to the Church, Casa Curatos, Torre Vigía and Pedro Gilabert Museum, to finish walking through the oldest streets in the Plaza de la Constitución.
  • Ruta del Campo: taking as a guide the Arroyo Aceituno and the natural environment of the Sierra de la Murta and showing the most traditional in terms of economic activity, agriculture, popular architecture …
  • Historic route: route that is identified with one of the great routes of Al-Andalus, the Al-Jatib Route, which runs through the future Greenway of Almanzora.
  • Active tourism route or route Limaria-Los Higuerales: which corresponds to the area of ​​the term that reaches higher altitudes, sparsely populated and therefore suitable for developing certain outdoor activities.


José Juan Ramos
Mayor Excellent City of Arboleas

As Mayor of Arboleas, it is an honor for me to welcome all those who decide to discover the wonders of our town through this website.

Visiting the municipality of Arboleas is an experience charged with centuries of history where the religious elements are combined.

All these singularities constitute a surprising mixture able to offer the visitor multiple tourist possibilities.

I would like this website to encourage everyone to enjoy and get to know our people, wishing them a pleasant stay that will surely make them repeat.







Foto Torre de ArboleasPerhaps its name reminds us that in other times its municipal area was populated by forests and trees. The origin of its name can come, according to Simonet, from an Arab writer who was born in this village in the fourteenth century, quoted by Aben Aljatib, called Abu Ben Abdalacis Al Arboli. The name Al Arboli would form Arbolaya or Arborea, nowadays Arboleas.

Very soon he knows the human footprint because settlements of prehistoric times are known, as evidenced by the deposits of Casablanca and Maimí. Little is known about the Roman period and Al-Andalus. It is only known that in 1488 it was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs along with other towns of the Almanzora.

During the Moorish uprising of 1568 this village took an active part. According to Mármol and Carvajal, the battle of Corral de Arboleas was fought.

There are some hamlets and villages scattered throughout the municipality such as Casablanca, Perla, El Prado, La Judea, El Campillo, La Cueva, San Roque, Los Higuerales and Limaria.

Prominent figures
Pedro Gilabert, sculptor.



“Gastronomy represents the culture of a people, based on dishes made with home-made products, with artisanal winemaking and rich oranges.”

Since the year 2000 and coinciding with the publication of the book: – “A Nazari treaty on food: Al-Kalam Ala L-Agdiya of Al-Arbulí”.Foto Bodegas Valle del Almanzora

After the publication of the book, a conference is being organized, taking advantage of the rich cultural and gastronomic legacy that has passed down from generation to generation: “Al-Arbuli” Gastronomic Days (end of August, first of September): the program : -Technical Formations, -Cycle of Conferences about cultures about the three cultures and -Noche Andalusí.

“Andalusian cuisine, like that of other autonomous communities, is marked by the raw material of its territory: fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, pork, poultry … From the different combinations of these elements, dishes emerged so traditional and known as gazpacho, cabbage stew, ajoblanco, migas, porra, ajo colorao, beans with ham, stews, rin-ran, porridge, Authentic delicacies especially attractive for many tourists who visit Andalusia. ” Regarding sweets we have mantecados, nougat, orange donuts, fried donuts, butter cakes …



  • Feast of the “Christ of Hope”. Month of September in “Las Huevanillas”
  • Feast of “Santa Ana”. July. In the field”
  • Celebration in honor of the “VIRGEN del PILAR” October 12, in “La Cinta” ARBOLEAS. On these dates, a Conference about wine tasting is organized and during the festival a contest of the best wine in the country of the new harvest is held.
  • Fiestas “SAN ROQUE” August 16, in Arboleas village: where dances of the region are organized, popular paella, theater, horseback ribbons and launch of roscos from balconenes.











What to do in Arboleas?

If you are thinking of taking a different trip to discover beautiful places and charming towns that are not usually well known, a trip to Arboleas is an excellent option. Our town has many options to make and we recommend the ones that are sure to be of your interest.



City Council of Arboleas

Address: Plaza, 1, 04660 Arboleas, Almería
Web: http://www.arboleas.org/
Contact: 950 44 94 30

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