The Via Verde del Almanzora is 36 km long and runs in the region called Valle de Almanzora between the vicinity of the old Hijate station, on the provincial border with Granada and Olula del Río. At its final point in Olula del Río, the new section connects with the pedestrian walkway over the A-349 highway, also built by the Ministry and put into service in May 2017, which continues the itinerary to the municipality of Zurgena.

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Andalucía Greenways

The network of Andalucía Greenways made up of 26 itineraries that add up to a length of close to 600 km. The construction, maintenance and promotion of these infrastructures is the result of investments by the Central Administration, the Junta de Andalucía and local administrations. In addition, the development of the new Greenways continues to be promoted on nearly 1000 km of existing disused railway lines in Andalusia.

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