Leaving kilometer point 18 of the Almanzora behind, we arrive at the three-arch stone bridge of the Rambla de Canales.

The hermitage of the Virgen del Carmen precedes the Guanila boulevard and the tank that welcomes the traveler to the Tíjola station. The station building is today a bar-restaurant and in front of it is a children’s playground. After crossing the AL-6100 highway, taking extreme precautions, the old RENFE 11339 locomotive, coinciding with kilometer point 20, receives the traveler who says goodbye to this Tíjola station with the old warehouse converted into a workshop school.

Continuing pedaling, we reach a shared section of 80 m that gives access to second homes, to cross the Rambla de Cela in just over a kilometer by its spectacular three-arched bridge, where kilometer point 22 of the route is located. In a few metres, the Rambla de Enmedio and the Rambla de Lúcar follow one another, surmounted by two separate metal bridges.

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