Church built with devotion to the Virgin of Carmen, if this church stands out for something, it is for the singularity of its procession, since it does not have a route or an approximate duration, because it is a procession to bid (auction).

It is a normal procession, with the difference of the existence of some mayordomos, who change every year and who welcome the position with love and devotion, are in charge of directing the procession.
These mayordomos take a bid (bet) who will take the virgin from the church

30 euros to take the virgin !! Any companion of the virgin can shout,

I go up to 40 euros !!
After a few meters traveled with the Virgin is returned to auction with the same system.
We also bid for the Virgin to go through a street or another, the one who pays the most will decide the journey of the procession, even if someone wants to stop at your door you must pay and in addition, pay again to continue.

That money goes to pay for repairs to the church, improvements in the image, etc.

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Iglesia de Calle los Llanos, Taberno