Church of the mid-eighteenth century, having its own archive and books from 1769, working from that date as a branch church of Velez Rubio, being served, depending on the periods by one or two priests, who acted as coadjutors of the church of Vélez Rubio, but it would not be until June 1, 1900 when it becomes its own Parish. The territorial scope that the bishopric of Almeria assigned to it when the parish of Taberno was constituted, did not coincide exactly with the municipal term, serving as an example that of the district of Santopetar that belonged to the parish of Santa María de Nieva.

This church was built by the residents of Taberno with dedication to San José, the deceased being buried inside the same church, until the old cemetery was created, located in the current street of Pablo Picasso and later, in the current one.

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