This is a 2 day plan for a couple, family or friends. Enjoy a visit to a pottery with many years of history, know a sanctuary-monastery with more than 300 years, surprise yourself with a baroque basilica of the eighteenth century and walk through one of the villages of the rooms.

Arrival at San Leonardo de Albox street on Saturday morning to visit the Los Puntas Pottery-Museum, one of the oldest active potteries in the province of Almería, with Arab ovens that treasure 300 years of history and appointed by the Ministry of Tourism as “Andalusian Artisanal Interest Point”.

The Pottery is set up as a small museum for visitors to know in an interpretive visit: tools, utensils and how was the potter’s work throughout history. You can buy a souvenir in your store.

You can do the food in the town of Albox itself. We recommend: Las Tejeras Restaurant, El Longo Restaurant, La Parrilla Restaurant, Lamarlo Terrace, Mateo Bar, Círculo Mercantil Restaurant.

Or if you prefer you can eat near the Shrine of the Virgin of the Salient, in the High Salient, María del Saliente Restaurant. You can also eat in the same Shrine, Hospedería-Restaurante Virgen del Saliente.

In the afternoon you are free to visit the premises of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Salient and its chapel, know a little about its history, see a bit of the area of ​​the monastery, etc. By staying in the hostel you can request an interpretive visit to this spectacular monastery with 300 years of history and considered the largest and most important in Eastern Andalusia.

We hope you can relax, enjoy the scenery, the views and forget the daily stress. You can walk along the path that leaves the Sanctuary towards the highest mountain. It is a short and easy route that will reward you with excellent views. Here you can breathe peace and tranquility, so breathe deeply and enjoy the moment.

After a relaxing afternoon we offer you a special dinner in the Sanctuary Restaurant where you can stay. We recommend that you do it in the suite, a renovated room in the old hostelry and very nice, you will love it.

The sunrise in the Shrine of the Salient is simply spectacular, such a unique experience. Get up on Sunday before sunrise and live that special moment.

Now we collect everything and head to Oria, a nearby town, where we will visit its old castle. Although it’s in ruins, it offers some beautiful views of the municipality.

Then we have to move to the Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy, a rather late example of the baroque since it was built in the second half of the eighteenth century. In the vicinity we visit the Polaca fountain and next to it is the traditional La Polaca pastry shop that will not be open since it is Sunday, but if by chance it would be, it would be convenient to take the opportunity to try the “Esparteñas” typical bizcotela of this historic establishment.

A walk through the town is the prelude to a good meal and the Oria there are several places where we can eat quite well for a small fee.

After our meal, we undertake the return.

We hope you have enjoyed this experience!

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