The idea of ​​the project to increase the presence of existing ruins, using only a few elements and clean the place (hide undesirable elements), is a way to clarify the meaning of the landscape. The project does not try to recreate old walls, but tries to recover the memory and meaning of these places. So, we created a small route to guide visitors and show them the hidden remains and meanings of the place.

The main idea of ​​the design inside the castle was to emphasize its defensive use. To do this, we recreate the path of the patrol, eliminating the plants and placing an anti-root membrane under the new route. We let the plants grow in the middle to hide the large antennae and contrast with the path. Therefore, the central part became a park simply by placing some banks here and there. Finally, we placed two elevated wooden platforms, in the same place where the old towers used to be, to point to other defensive buildings.

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