Routes of Almanzora

The region of Valle del Almanzora is located in the heart of the province of Almería. Formed by 27 municipalities in which live more than 50,000 inhabitants distributed along the length and breadth of the Almanzora River, which is the backbone of this region.

The Almanzora has an important heritage wealth, among its most famous monuments due to the large number of visitors is the Shrine of Our Lady of the Salient, La Pequeñica, whose pilgrimage is one of the most outstanding of those held in the municipality of Albox .

It also stands out for the production of marble, being one of the most advanced in relation to this sector internationally. An example of this is the Alhambra in Granada or the Mosque in Córdoba, where material from Macael can be seen. Roads and rural tourism also count in this location with privileged places to enjoy the environment. The Almanzora opens its doors with the magic of a hidden nature to discover.

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