The Torre Vigía de Arboleas is located on the right bank of the Almanzora River. It dates from the 12th century (nazarí period), of small dimensions, with an octagonal floor, not sheltered from the town of Arboleas because of its small size but it did act as a watchtower. It is possible that it is a minaret of an existing mosque in Arboleas.

The Torre Vigía de Arboleas is characterized by smooth and simple walls, to one side has a small cistern attached to store rainwater. On the old tower an upper body has been attached with convexed boarded windows that constitute the only adornment.

The Torre Vigía de Arboleas, is one of those that were distributed along the entire course of the Almanzora River. Unlike the others, which are circular, it has an octagonal plan, which suggests that it could be rebuilt in the Muslim stage, because of its shape and color.

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