Marble Interpretation Center

The Marble Interpretation Center is conceived as a cultural space where history, tradition, innovation and future harmoniously coexist to offer us a vision of the Macael marble culture. Through interpretive panels, audiovisual resources and exhibitions of different pieces and elements, a space is created that makes possible the contextualization of this culture and that contribute to making the visit more attractive, participative and experiential. From it, guided visits to las canteras and workshops are organized.

Itinerary Corners of Macael

Circular route of 1,400 meters, starting at the Interpretation Center of the marble, travels through the most typical and emblematic places of the historic center, very linked with everything that surrounds the exploitation of marble.

Sculpture and Crafts Workshop

In Macael, declared “Area of ​​Artisan Interest”, many of the best stone craftsmen we can find in Europe are concentrated. We will have the opportunity to get into the world of stone carving, observe how sculptors and artisans work, and participate in a small craft workshop.

The pits

The quarries of Macael occupy more than 6,600 hectares. Among them, we will visit the Cosentino Viewpoint (family business group, with base and origin in Macael, dedicated to the world of stone, with distribution in more than fifty countries) from where you can see the modern extraction process. In addition, the guides will explain how was the old communication system in the quarries by using “conches”, will offer the possibility of experiencing “in situ” the process of “zoblar” the marble with the use of pinchotes and almaina, and will show the locations of the latest Ridley Scott movie “Exodus”.

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