The guided tour includes a visit to the Quarries, the Marble Interpretation Center and the 4D Multisensory Experience.

Macael Quarries

The Macael quarries occupy more than 6,600 hectares. Within them, we will visit the Cosentino viewpoint, from where the modern extraction process will be observed and explained. In addition, it will be shown what the ancient communication system was like in the quarries through the use of “shells” and there will be the possibility of experiencing “in situ” the process of “unfold” the marble with the use of skewers and mace, with the aim of making the visit more experiential. In addition, we have special permission to visit the quarry area where Ridley Scott’s movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings” was shot.

Marble Interpretation Center

The Marble Interpretation Center is conceived as a cultural space where history, art, tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously to offer us a complete vision of the Macael Marble Culture.

In its more than 200 square meters, we find panels with information in Spanish and English. Beginning with its traditions and its historical evolution, continuing with different geological aspects, the methods and utensils that were traditionally used both in its extraction and in its transformation.

4D Multisensory Experience

We will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the marble extraction process and the elaboration of a piece of this material thanks to virtual reality, becoming stonemasons and artisans. This is the 4D multisensory experience “From extraction to exhibition: A journey to how rocks become masterpieces”. Feel the movement, the heat, the humidity, the air, the smells of all the operations involved in the marble exploitation process. Blasting, large machinery, cutting, carving, etc.

Duration: 3h approx. (visit Interpretation Center + Quarries + 4D Experience)


To hire this guided visit:

Marble Interpretation Center–Macael (MADE IN MACAEL)
Direction: c/ Garcia Lorca, 50
Macael – Almería
Phone: 950 128 916  —  679 497 565
Contact: Carmen Liria
Price of the Guided Visit to the Quarries + Marble Interpretation Center

  • Price of the activity: €21/person (minimum 2 people)
  • Price for groups of more than 15 people: €17.50/person.

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