Suflí is one of the smallest towns in the Almanzora region and like all small municipalities, it has a certain charm for the visitor.

I invite you to take a nice tour of the town, letting yourself be carried away by its narrow streets. You will find very original corners.

At the entrance to the town you have two canneries to the right and left, they are the benchmark for the well-known “Fritada de Suflí“, which more than being a fry is really a salad of roasted peppers and tomatoes that was traditionally used with meat to make a fry and hence its name. If you have not tried it, do not miss the opportunity to take this magnificent delicacy. If you visit the town during the week, you can hire, if you wish, a guided visit to the Fritada de Suflí with a tasting.

After passing the canning factories, you can see on the right the Ermita de San Roque, a recently renovated historic hermitage.

After seeing the Hermitage and the surroundings, you have to enter the town, walk through its streets, its corners. Suflí is small so you don’t have a loss. In the middle of the town is the Plaza de la Constitución where you can see the Town Hall and the Church of San Roque from the 16th century.

On the other side of the town is the Hermitage of the Cross, a very small hermitage. In that area you can admire the views. I recommend that you go back to the square and go up the street that has some stairs that go up the mountain. There is a path that runs parallel to the town and offers you a very beautiful panoramic view. The road passes next to a group of small houses, replicas of Suflí buildings such as the Town Hall, the Church, etc., made by a neighbor in a size that does not exceed two spans and it is quite curious to see in a corner of the hillside that minitown. You will be able to situate yourself next to those tiny houses and take pictures of yourself.

Finally, I advise you to take the car and go to the Suflí viewpoint where you will have other magnificent views of the town and also of the Almanzora river.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Suflí!!

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