Macael: land of white gold

Through more than 25 centuries of history, the marble quarrys of Macael have been the economic base of the region. They still are. Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs have passed through them, leaving us a legacy of majestic works where we can find our white marble. The Roman Theater of Mérida, the Alhambra of Granada and the Royal Palace of Madrid, etc.

Marble Interpretation Center

Located on Garcia Lorca street, 50 will be the starting point of this proposal. The center is a space where history, tradition, innovation and future harmoniously coexist to offer us a vision about the culture of marble in Macael.

Tour of the village

Macael is a town of steep streets, with the special charm of the mountain villages and with a strong smell of marble that permeates the whole landscape, even the urban one. The banks are marble, the sidewalks, and the floors of the squares also. Leave your car parked and go back on foot, it’s worth the experience. In the square of the church is a magnificent replica of the fountain of the lions of the Alhambra in Granada and in one of the roundabouts is located the largest mortar in the world published in the Guinness book of records where you can take a selfie.

Visit to the canteras

Now you take the car, go up to the quarries and you will find two lookouts, one is the lookout of Las Canteras, with a circular route has been awarded by the Junta de Andalucía as an example of rehabilitation of public space. The second viewpoint is near this, it is the viewpoint of Cosentino that offers you impressive views of the largest quarry in the sierra.

Other options

If you want to do the whole trip, with a tour guide in an explanatory visit where you also know how to work in a craft workshop, you have to contact “Made in Macael” on 950 128 916 – 679 497 565. an experience that you will not forget.

Places to eat: Las Canteras School Restaurant, Las Piscinas de Macael Restaurant, Luis Ortega Bar, Plaza Bar.

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