Oria is a town with a marked rural character that surprises the visitor with its charm and uniqueness.

In this plan we suggest you head towards the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes (1779). Leave the car nearby. On Saturday mornings it is common to find the Basilica open. Its interior is beautiful, even if you are not a lover of visiting churches, you will like this Basilica. It is a temple similar to the Basilica of Vélez Rubio but somewhat smaller.

Before beginning the tour of the town, we recommend that you go to Confitería La Polaca, an artisan confectionery that dates back to 1875 and is located in front of the Church. Its star product is the “Bizcotelas” or “Esparteñas”, the Roscos de San Blas are also delicious and you have a multitude of homemade sweets for all palates.

Then walk towards the Plaza de San Antonio where the Town Hall is, from there you will see a sign that tells you where the climb to the Oria Castle begins. Actually, the so-called “Castle” was a Muslim fortress from the 13th century and although only several walls remain standing, it is worth enjoying this visit. The views are amazing, the course goes around the mountain and you have beautiful views from all angles.

Then you return to the “era” that gave you access to the Castle to go down the street in front to the right and skirt the mountain to the old Hermitage (16th century). Continue along Calle de la Polaca to return to the Fuente de la Polaca (next to the confectionery), once you cross it, follow the straight path that leaves the town. This path becomes a path that skirts the town through the area of the fertile plain. On its way you will see remains of old mills taking advantage of the considerable unevenness. Following the path you arrive at the first point where it splits and you have to go to the right. 30 meters further on, cross a path where you have to turn right again. Then you continue along the street bordering the town that is always on the left. So you can continue until the town ends or when you feel like it you can go through any street to the left until the main street that crosses the town. The further you go, the more distance you have back to the car.

On your return, you first go through El Parrita Butcher shop where you can buy Oria hams and homemade sausages. Further on you pass through the door of several bars where you can eat grilled meat and tapas or portions: Bar San Miguel and Bar San Antonio. From there to the car are 5 minutes.

If you want to make the tour more enjoyable, look for QR codes that are in some places and they will explain some things about the municipality.

We hope you enjoy your excursion to Oria!!


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Route data:

  • Modality: On foot
  • Km: 3.7
  • Technical difficulty: Easy
  • Approximate time: 1 hour
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