Interesting remains of the fortified enclosure that dominates the Villa de Oria on the surrounding hamlet. The important remnants of the enclosure perimeter of the Castle of Oria are composed of large walls of tabilla, with abundant ceramic fragments as a consolidating element, of 1.70 meters of thickness on masonry plinth of 1.80 wide x 0.90 meters of high.

The only access to the Castle of Oria was made in the north, where several cubes of towers are visible from the door to the elbow and from the tower to the east, down a wall canvas to the hamlet closing some outer space or to a lost albarrana tower. The tower of the north also penetrates in the hamlet with a considerable height realized in rubblework and tabilla and covered by a white plaster of lime mortar with decoration of lines in spike.

In the interior of the Castle of Oria there are walls of houses and in the north wall of the enclosure there are the very deteriorated remains of a panel painted in red and white.

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