For the most active, access to the quarries can be done on foot along this path of 4.6 km in length and moderate difficulty, which connects the town with the quarries through the old path where the blocks of marble were lowered in drawn carts. by oxen, whose footprints carved into the rock are clearly observable.
The Marble Trail goes into the heart of the quarries from which the highly prized Macael marble is extracted. Along the route we can see how the landscape has been transformed due to intense exploitation and its contrast with the surrounding unexploited areas. From the two viewpoints that we can find along the route, you can enjoy excellent views of the Almanzora Valley and the quarries.
This trail runs largely parallel to the circuit of the “Subida del Mármol” Rally, a mythical event that has been held since the 1950s. It is signposted and approved by the Andalusian Mountaineering Federation.
We can find the signpost for the beginning of the trail, leaving from the highest part of the town, taking the old AL-840 road that linked Macael with the capital of the province, already on the outskirts of the town, at the first curve that turns to the left.
The itinerary begins to the right of the road, ascending a steep but short slope. We continue through a rocky terrain where we can see signs of the passing of the cars, continuing until we find an asphalt curve that we skirt around to the right without stepping on it to continue until an old plasterwork that is on our right.
We continue the path without failing to see the road until we reach the old dining rooms. We continue parallel to the road for about 500 meters to reach the Mirador de Cosentino. Also parallel to the road, we continue along the path to another viewpoint, Las Canteras, where we finish.

Code: SL-A-170
Path type: Linear
Starting point: Macael
End point: Las Canteras viewpoint
Total distance (in meters): 4,600 m.
Estimated walking time: 1 h 33 min.
Cumulative elevation gain: 352 m.
Cumulative drop in descent: 37 m.

Author: Macael Turismo
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