Ascent to Castellón de Olías – Oria

This route has been a real discovery for me. After climbing all the neighboring hills and seeing from them what seemed like a simple wall, it turns out that I was seeing a whole Arab castle from the 13th century. From Castellón de Olías, which covers the Arroyo Olías area, the notice of nearby watchtowers was received and transmitted and the inhabitants of the area were warned of the arrival of the Christian armies. Quickly the population collected their valuables and marched up the hill to take refuge in Castellón, losing crops and farms but saving their lives.
I recommend using the descent route also to go up, it is easier and more practicable. There is no marked path other than in the first section, from the agricultural road to the pine area, but despite assuming a tough ascent, it is not complicated at all, perfect for a morning of hiking.
At all times the silhouette of the castle accompanies us and it is spectacular, because once you cross under its door you discover its enormous size, capable of sheltering several hundred people. At the back it has a second stretch of wall that controls the Rambla de Oria area, as well as remains of towers and a huge (and dangerous) well to obtain water.
I recommend leaving the car at the Collado de la Madera crossroads, which is signposted, and from there head towards the first houses in Arroyo Olías where we will see a boulevard emerge on the left; it is the beginning of the path.
I guarantee that whoever reaches this forgotten watchtower, despite being a BIC since 1985, will use up the camera’s battery on photos of its enormous walls and the impressive views of the entire Almanzora.


Distance: 5.66 km
Route: Circular
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated duration on foot: 2 hours

Author: kamaradanikolai
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