Film and Live Planetarium Session

The Serón Planetarium is an ideal cultural and didactic place to learn and enjoy Astronomy.

Activities to develop (1 hour approx.):

1.- Projection of a Planetarium Film

Projection of a planetarium film on some astronomy and science topics (choose from the available titles).

  • The night of the Vampire (Animation for all audiences)
  • The judge of the Moon (Animation for all audiences)
  • The space submarine and the mystery of the Polar Night (Animation for all audiences)
  • From the earth to the universe (Projection for Adults)
  • The girl who knew how to walk backwards (Animation for all audiences)

2.- Live Planetarium Session

Live planetarium session where we will observe the daytime path of the Sun, the starry night of the moment, with the constellations and planets visible, the moon and its phases, upcoming eclipses, some beautiful nebulae in the sky, the Milky Way galaxy and other galaxies in the Known Universe, etc… Taught live, it is an interactive session that deals with the general concepts of Astronomy and offers a global vision of where we are in the Universe. Seeing the smallness of planet Earth in its surroundings of the Solar System, and even of it in the Milky Way, is something that makes us more humble and helps us appreciate our beautiful planet more. Adapted to each group.

  • 10€/Person. For more than 20 people the price is 5€/person.
  • Minimum to do the activity 40€
  • Maximum 40 people.
  • Duration of the activity: 1 hour approx.

To hire this activity:

Serón Planetarium
619 456 368

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