The Planetarium of Serón is a ludo-didactic space for families, school children, groups and anyone interested in understanding more about the Universe. We want you to come and enjoy and know the Cosmos and the many wonderful things that are in it. We hold live thematic sessions based on the celestial sky and its myths, Astronomy, Earth Sciences, History of Astronomy, Cultural Astronomy, Astronomical Navigation, and many other topics. Suitable for all ages, families, schoolchildren, private groups, birthdays … We are waiting for you!

Astronomy Observatory of Serón – Almería

Next to the Planetarium we have the Observatory, a place where we carry out Observations of the celestial events with the naked eye and with specialised instrumentation (powerful telescopes and binoculars). We learn to recognise the most important constellations at night, to look for the pole star and orient ourselves at night, we observe the planets and the Moon through telescopes, (if there are any), observe Deep Sky objects (nebulae, star clusters, other galaxies ) as well as notable stars. We pay special attention to certain phenomena such as the movement of the night sky, we give simple but profound explanations of everything we observe so that it is within everyone’s reach, without being over- technical. We promise a unique night under the starry mantle of the Cosmos. Reduced-sized groups for a more safe and personalised treatment.

Weekends for Families.
Mornings from Monday to Friday for Educational Centres.

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Our Address

Antigua Estación s/n. 04890 Seron (Almeria)