Guided tour Pottery-Museum

The entire production process will be observed and interpreted, in an environment that is more than 300 years old, from the elaboration of the clay to the preparation of the pieces and of course their firing.

Through innumerable details and original elements on display, we will learn how they were made, as well as the changes and technological evolution of the different ceramic pieces and their uses.

Each piece tells us about its intra-history, a little about the life of our ancestors and how they solved the challenges that day-to-day offered them, a sign of constant evolution.

In the museum both uses and customs will be interpreted, in addition to the observation of the forms and symbology of these pieces and elements that go back to the Neolithic age (Argar, Iberians, Phoenicians, Romans, Islam…) up to the present day. and all without having to leave the Almanzora valley.

And of course, a wide sample of popular ceramics and pottery created over the last few centuries in this workshop with a family tradition that now spans 5 generations.

The duration of the visit is approximately 1 hour.

Ceramic workshop, clay therapy.

In these workshops, which cover any age and group, they will make with their own hands and with the help of the necessary tools and utensils, various pieces that will develop creativity using pieces of archaeological origin as a reference. They will decorate a piece either using the symbolism of our ancestors of the region or a free style.

Both the clay and everything necessary for the workshop are included in the price.

The duration of the workshop is approximately 1 hour.

*** Once the pieces are fired, they will be sent to the group’s address postage paid at no additional cost.

  • Price of the Experience: €7/person (minimum 7 people to carry out the activity or €50).
  • Price for groups of 10 to 15 people: €6/person.
  • Price for groups of more than 15 people: €5/person.
To hire this activity:

Pottery – Los Puntas Museum – Luis Alfonso Fernandez – 679 882 888

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