JUAN ALFONSO FERNÁNDEZ, his excellent work has made him achieve prizes such as: 1st Prize for the best piece, at the 1st Pottery Contest in Almeria (1991), or 1st Prize National Pottery Competition – Single piece, held in Zamora (1999) , among others.

It has representative pieces of the workshop, in numerous museums such as, the National Museum of Pottery of Oleiros (La Coruña), the Museum of Popular Pottery of Chinchilla (Albacete), the Museum of Culture – Havana (Cuba), or the Museum Ethnographic Museum of Hamburg (Germany).

Proven experience in the area of ​​teaching, pottery workshops and different therapies that emanate from the energy of land and water.

He has contributed to the transmission of his artisan knowledge, giving numerous courses, in the house of crafts in Chirivel, Armuña, Lucar, Tijola or Vélez-Rubio, and with his pottery workshops in María, Santa Fé de Mondújar, or in Vélez Blanco .

Potters Services

Arab furnaces of the seventeenth century declared historical artistic heritage.

In the headquarters of his workshop “Los Puntas” maintain their productive activity in parallel to their teaching activities, and that is why they defend the need to transmit their knowledge for the durability of this art and this way of life. In their facilities they often receive visits from schoolchildren or groups of apprentices who are instructed with care about the whole process of traditional pottery.


Sale of material
Custom Parts (custom made)
Visits to the Museo Alfarero
Ceramic Workshops on demand
Course: Decorative techniques
Course: Ceramic initiation
Course: Ceramic construction
Archaeological reproductions
Murals, relief, signage …

Mud Therapy

The art is a magnificent vehicle of expression. Through mud it is about developing creativity and making them enjoy by learning practical and simple techniques that will allow them to focus their own projects.

It allows to develop the imagination, empowers autonomy and favors integration. Its benefits are indisputable and, therefore, are used to improve the quality of life of these people.

The workshops with ceramics also develop the fine motor skills and creativity of each individual, favoring in this activity the acquisition of personal cleansing habits and the material used, as well as the recognition and application of safety standards before work.

It is not necessary to have specific skills or abilities, it is enough to have an interest in creativity, art and culture.

Through these workshops, the responsibility towards the created piece is also developed, since it is a process by stages that require patience, care and perseverance until the final piece is obtained. It uses a creative method that guides and does not impose and that tries to achieve the best results so that participants feel proud of the work done.

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