If you are looking for a unique and fascinating place to visit in Almería, we recommend that you don’t miss Chercos and its Piedra Labrá. This is a place that many tourists don’t know about, but is definitely worth exploring.

This archaeological site is a hidden treasure in the mountains of the Sierra de los Filabres. It is the first human vestige in the history of Chercos, it is located in a strategic place that dominates the surrounding landscape.


La Piedra Labrá

This stone depicts scenes from everyday life. The Labra Stone is a testament to the skill and dexterity of the people of the time, who were able to carve incredibly fine detail into solid rock. The depictions include armed warriors, horsemen, chariots, various livestock and other objects of more ambiguous interpretation.


Recently the image of the Indala has been discovered on the stone, it is an indalo in the form of a gestation invoking the energy of the cosmos represented by a 6-pointed star. The Indalo has traditionally been considered a symbol of fertility for the earth and its people.


Archaeological sites

In addition to the Piedra Labrá, this village is full of history. In the deposits of “el Cerrillo”, to the left of the River Chercos, we find a fort from the Copper Age closely related to the remains of the Tesorillo, where researchers are still studying the different relationships that these two sites may have.


Chercos Viejo

Today, this village preserves its old part called Chercos Viejo and you can admire its houses on the hillside, which are adapted to the geography of the terrain and which conserve a very peculiar style. Some of them have been restored by their former owners, who use them as second homes. Others maintain their original appearance, with exposed stone walls.

One of the most outstanding monuments in Chercos Viejo is the church of Santa María, which dates back to the 16th century and was rebuilt in the 19th century. The church has a single nave with a barrel vault and an attached bell tower. Some religious images and liturgical objects are preserved inside.


Hiking and Nature

As well as visiting the village, you can enjoy nature and hiking along the trail that links Chercos Viejo with Chercos Nuevo along the rambla, the perfect time to visit the aforementioned site of Piedra Labrá.

In conclusion, Chercos is a perfect place to feel like a real explorer visiting its various historical sites, which will lead you to its church and viewpoints to enjoy a wonderful landscape full of nature and mining areas.

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