One of the main charms of Urrácal is to stroll through its narrow and quiet streets, a magnificent natural recipe against daily stress. Start the visit in the old Lavadero, cross wide and narrow streets and you will find picturesque corners.

Strait of Urrácal

Then we suggest you leave the car on the outskirts of the town in the vicinity of the pool or the picnic area and get ready to enjoy a little adventure.

Going down the path to the picnic area, you will have to leave the road quickly and continue along the Salada ravine down. Little by little the walls become narrower, you can hear the water as it flows next to you and sometimes below the ground. The gorge is closing more and more, the land full of stones and brambles as we cross it by a small path until we reach the center of the strait where we will have to jump small rocks, cross the stream several times and ask all the saints (if it is that you are a believer) that the water level allows you to cross it in its entirety, since one of the greatest charms of this adventure is that you do not know if the water level will allow you to cross the gorge or you will have to turn around just before the end, where the walls are barely separated by one and a half meters and the light of day almost has no relevance. One way or another, it’s worth the experience.

Mirador de la Cerrá

Now it’s time to go back to the car and head for the lookout of La Cerrá, it’s 20 minutes by car on a mountain road that is best done with an all-terrain vehicle or SUV, but any car arrives without problems.

The lookout of Cerrá won’t leave you indifferent. The view towards the bottom of the Cerrá ravine is vertigo, the views of the valley are impressive. If you move 20 meters towards the edge of the mountain you will have another incredible view of the valley, reviewing the villages with the look: Serón, Tíjola, Purchena, Suflí, Macael, Olula del Rio, Fines and Cantoria, without forgetting the Cosentino polygon, the Quarries of Macael and the “Tetica de Bacares”. The colors when the night falls are very special, will make this excursion an unforgettable day.

Places to eat

To make a stop to eat, it is best to first visit the Mirador de la Cerrá, then visit the town before or after lunch and finally the Strait. Or if you prefer you can do it the other way around. You eat great at Bar Rincón Andalú de Urracal, specialty in rabbit with garlic, also make crumbs of flour, traditional food and homemade tapas.

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