One of the places that most impress those who take a walk through the Almanzora Valley in the north of Almería, is “El Estrecho” located in the municipality of Urrácal. This narrow gorge is located on the Salada ravine at the foot of the hill “El Castillico”.

For decades it has not been possible to pass due to the great amount of vegetation that there was in the rambla. Formerly, with the rise of the channel, it was cleaned naturally but the construction of dams for the prevention of large floods and floods has made over the years that appear large numbers of oleanders, tarays, blackberries and false rushes that prevented the access. Thanks to the cleaning work that has been carried out, today, we can enjoy a walk that surprises us by its particular geological formations of great beauty.

The passage of water, which will accompany us in the course of this gorge, and the action of the wind, have shaped these spectacular geological formations for years, and their walls reach several meters in height. It consists of two separate formations whose length reaches about half a kilometer where our senses will begin to enjoy the spectacle offered by this environment.

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