Would you like to travel back in time and live a medieval adventure? You are in luck, welcome to Sierro.

Sierro is a village in the province of Almería, located in the Almanzora Valley region. Its origins date back to the Muslim period, when the Sierro Castle was built, which is still preserved on top of a hill. The castle was the scene of battles between Moors and Christians, which are re-enacted every year in September with a popular festival.

Here are four reasons why you should fall in love with this charming town:

1.- The Sierro River

It is the main natural attraction of the municipality, running through the municipal area and forming a landscape of great beauty. Located at the foot of the Sierra de los Filabres, the river is home to a rich flora and fauna, as well as several springs and pools to cool off in.


2.- The church of San Sebastián


It is a neoclassical monument built in the 16th century on the site of a former mosque. The church has a single nave with side chapels and a bell tower. Inside, the image of the town’s patron saint, San Sebastián, is venerated, and it is also dedicated to the Virgin of Santa María.


3.- The Castle of Sierro

The castle is a fortress of Islamic origin which over time has been rebuilt to maintain its charm, standing on a hill overlooking the village. The castle has an irregular floor plan and is made up of several walled enclosures and towers. From the top of the castle you can enjoy magnificent views of the valley and the mountains. Sierro Castle is an ideal place for nature, history and culture lovers. You can walk along its walls, visit its cistern, admire its small towers and feel like a knight or a princess.


4.- Moors and Christians Festival

It is a centuries-old tradition that is celebrated every year during the first weekend of September. It consists of the representation of the confrontation between the Christian and Moorish sides over the image of San Sebastián, patron saint of the municipality. The first takes place on Saturday afternoon, with the peculiar parade of Moors and Christians through the streets of the town and the procession of San Sebastián, where the Moors win and the saint is imprisoned in the castle. It ends with the traditional flag dance. That night the ceremony to accompany the saint takes place, where candles offered by the villagers are lit. In the second act, which is on Sunday, the Christians win. There is also a parade and procession before the performance and it ends with the dance of flags.


These are just some of the reasons to visit Sierro, a town with a lot to offer travellers looking for nature, history and culture. A charming town that will make you fall in love with it.

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