Religion has played a vital role in the development of societies. In the name of the gods, some of the most spectacular buildings in existence today have been erected. Whether you are devout or not, religious tourism will take you on a sensational walk through history.


Albox: Pottery Passion and Tradition

Alfarería Los Puntas, located in Calle San Leonardo, its Arabic ovens treasure 300 years of history, named by the Consejería de Turismo as a “Point of Artisan Interest in Andalucía”, in 2012 the Junta de Andalucía recognised Los Puntas, Antonio and Juan Alfonso Fernández, as “Master Craftsmen”.

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A stroll through Purchena

We recommend a leisurely stroll through its streets, starting at the Plaza Larga, the new location of the Town Hall, where the Summer Courses of the University of Almeria are held every summer and where the new Ethnographic Museum is located.

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Saliente Sanctuary + Oria Basilica

2-day plan for couples, family or friends. Enjoy a visit to a pottery with many years of history, get to know a sanctuary-monastery more than 300 years old, be amazed by a baroque basilica from the 18th century and stroll through one of the villages of the estancias.

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