Chercos, whose name derives from the Mozarabic word Yerku, which means “La Encina”, applied to the place, by the holm oak forest that existed in its surroundings. Its origins go back to the Middle Ages, when we know that this town was populated by the Moors. Located in the Sierra de los Filabres. A town whose houses, hooked on an almost vertical slope offers a balance show of the most picturesque and sober.

It emphasizes its Parochial Church constructed in the middle of century XVI, with the name of Santa Maria and its Patron San Lorenzo, Santo who presides at the present time. It owns a Alcazaba or residual strength that supposes of century XVI, of which only can be seen part cistern that supplied with water to the settlers of the strength. Under Chercos Viejo runs a gallery that leads to the mine of a fountain also said time.

Also highlight the Eras del Calvario and its access roads to the town for its peculiarity of being cobbled. These eras, in which the harvested corn was threshed in its term, are true works of art paved with stones of the place. These millenary constructions, already in disuse due to the evolution of the times, have now become “viewpoints” from which the entire municipal area is dominated, offering a landscape without equal. Its panoramic surrounds practically the totality of buildings, its fertile plains and mining area. From Roman times, the small bridge is supposed, just a few meters from the town, identifying a Roman road of second order. It is the place dreamed by lovers of peace, tranquility and tranquility, cozy and unique.

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