The Sierra de las Estancias have unusual towns and spaces, with great contrasts between the fertile plains and the more arid areas. The visual spectacle is guaranteed.

This route runs through the towns of Lúcar, Somontín, Urrácal and Partaloa.

1. We start in Lúcar, enjoying a relaxing walk through its urban area, where we can visit the Church of Santa María (XVI century), the Mirador de la Santa, its traditional architecture and the Balsa de Cela, a hot spring, which was already known in the days of the Roman Empire.

2. We continue in Somontín, a mountain town known for its famous talc mines, which together with Lúcar transported this material to different cities and exported to America.
In Somontín we will visit its old town, which preserves its medieval architecture, the Church of Nuestra Sra. de la Anunciación, with its four unique Levantine domes in the province and of course, we will look at the magnificent viewpoint “El Balcón del Almanzora”. A magical and privileged viewpoint where there are…

3. We continue in Urrácal, a town almost semi-hidden in the mountains but which hides very unique corners of great beauty, such as El Estrecho de Urrácal. A natural space that surprises us with its spectacular rock formations. It will not leave you indifferent, insured… We continue walking through the streets of this town, knowing its most relevant architecture, such as the Parish Church of Santa María, “emporchados”, laundry etc.
In the afternoon, we will travel to Partaloa, a picturesque town where its large stone blocks, known as “collapses”, surprise. An apparently chaotic landscape, which seems to threaten the houses located at its feet.

•DURATION: Morning and afternoon.
•PRICES (lunch not included):
•From 4-10 people: €16.
•From 10-15 people: €14.
•From 15 people: €12.

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