Approximate duration:
1h – 1h30min

** IMPORTANT!: This game only works if you are physically in the municipality of Cantoria (Almería) in front of the town hall. Application price: €1,19.
Game only available in Spanish.



The Secret of Los Alejandros is an entertaining street escape (a variation of the escape room that takes place outside) that proposes you to walk the streets of the municipality of Cantoria (Almería) while you pass various tests to finally discover the secret of The Alexanders. The game mixes funny fictional plots and historical facts of the town.

During the game you will have the help of Felix Valton, a veteran investigator and experienced trainer in charge of assessing whether applicants like you have enough skills to get the investigator’s card.

You have a mission, they have kidnapped the researcher Andrés Cambra who was conducting an investigation in Cantoria (Almeria) about events that occurred between 1856 and 1948 within a family known locally as “Los Alejandros”.

You have to help Felix in the investigation. You will have to walk, observe the environment, look for hidden clues and more!

Are you brave enough to give it a try and get your researcher card?


If you want to play in a group, one of the participants who downloads the application “El Secreto de los Alejandros” will be able to act as a master terminal, providing the rest of the group with a code that will allow their companions to follow the game on their own mobiles. Thus, the members of the group will not have to add the solutions on each screen and it will be more comfortable for them.

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