The Serón Observatory Planetarium is an astronomical complex that consists of a state-of-the-art digital planetarium, a robotic observatory and an Interpretation Center in which to develop workshops and activities.

The daytime visit lasts approximately 2 hours and consists of:

  • Planetarium session (duration 1 hour)
  • Workshops on the Sun and its observation with specialized telescopes (1 hour)

Serón Planetarium

The Serón Planetarium is the only planetarium in the province of Almería and stands out for its ingenious igloo-shaped wooden construction, which makes it the only ecological planetarium in the world. Its interior is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments that allow the sky to be simulated at any time and place on Earth. We can travel to the Moon or other planets and even make 3D flights throughout the Universe.

Must be seen to be believed!

The visit consists of:

  • Projection of a planetarium film about the Universe at its origin (30 min.) or a children’s film suitable for the whole family, entertaining and entertaining and with a high educational content.
  • Live session and journey through the universe or meditation/relaxation under the stars (30 min.) or à la carte journey through the Universe, according to your preferences.

Sun Observation


The Sun is the closest star we have and for this reason it is the one we know best because we can observe the details of its surface. However, it is well known that due to its high luminosity, observation is not possible except with specialized instruments that protect our eyesight.

In the solar atmosphere we can distinguish several layers, we will observe the photosphere and the chromosphere. We will see the first one orange and we can see the sunspots, the second one we will see red and we will be able to see the bulges (plumes of hot charged gas or plasma emanating from the solar disk).

Destined to:

  • All ages
  • Maximum size ideal groups 10-20 people.


  • Observations of the Sun without magnification, with special eclipse glasses
  • Observations with telescopes for photosphere.
  • Observations with telescopes for chromosphere.


  • Telescopes.
  • Specialized filters
  • Eclipse glasses
  • Teaching materials

Workshop on Sundials and Shadows


It is known how the obelisks marked the time in Pharaonic Egypt. Since then, throughout all the cultures of the world, the Sun has served to mark the hours of the day and thus divide it into its different parts.

In this workshop we will observe some sundials and a scale model of the Earth-Moon with which to observe the phases of the moon and eclipses.



They teach:

  • Raúl Martínez Morales, graduated in Astrophysics from the University of La Laguna (1995) and with more than 25 years of experience in astronomical teaching and dissemination.
  • Amanda Jane Mandy, has a degree in Education from Cardiff University, and over 25 years’ experience of teaching Science and other disciplines in primary schools.

  • 20€/Person and 10€/minors.
  • Minimum to do the activity 50€
  • Maximum 20 people.
  • Duration of the activity: 2 hours approx.
To hire this activity:

Serón Planetarium
619 456 368

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