Wheat Pot

Wheat Pot

In the lands of Almeria and our neighboring Murcia is very typical this dish “the Pot of Wheat”, we in the villages of the interior of Almeria is usually done in winter, but like everything in these moments, the demand can be at any time of the year.

We are not going to put a recipe here to use; with grams, and measurements, what we want to transmit is a “way of doing” of our grandmothers and mothers:

What’s the recipe for the wheat pot?

The base of a good pot, is always the same. A good broth with pork is prepared, which was, and is what has always been had in the houses of the people: ear, legs, a good piece of bacon, the tail, and a good portion of salted bones and back bones For this pot we use the chickpea, one of the fundamental legumes of our diet.

Well, we started: Once we selected the bones and the pork meats, we washed them to remove impurities. They get into the pot full of water and start to boil. As it has happened to all of us, when we see the impurities floating on the surface of the pot, we eliminate them. Once it has boiled for about a quarter of an hour, the chickpeas are added, and now yes, patience and good writing a good soup needs its “chup chup” time, at least an hour and a half.

Do not believe that we forget about wheat, the element that gives this pot its name. We usually buy it in the “mercaillo” of Serón, or in any other of the Valle del Almanzora, my mom then buys it in Macael. But sometimes it also happens that in the Mª Angeles Store they also have it. We bought a kilo or two to be able to clean it and cook it and have it ready for any occasion.

To clean the wheat you have to take a moment, my mother taught me, her grandmother, and it has been passed down from generation to generation. Better to clean it outside because when you blow the wheat “the skin” will come out scattered and flying and that is what interests us. Once we have the wheat as free as possible of that husk we wash it well and put it to cook.

Wheat is hard, and needs a good cooking time, so if you have prepared the previous day, better. Once cooked “you have to warm up”, which means, then we have to let it rest so that it fattens a little and stays soft. It is left in the same pot and covered with a kitchen towel. I have seen it many times in my grandmother’s house “abrigao”.

We continue with the recipe, we do not have to forget that the pot is on fire and it is making that marvelous white broth, we have to continue cleaning the impurities. The meat and the chickpeas are stewed, at the last minute it is added some potatoes and a good bouquet of fennel, picked from the mountain better by its aromas. And the wheat already cooked. Usually we add the black pudding at the last minute so that it does not break, but if it is blood sausage that is a little drier, it is incorporated at the same time as the potatoes.

A good wheat dish warms the body and the spirit. BON APPETITE

You can eat this dish in:

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