Escape Jewelry of the Estancias, a plan of 2/3 days with your partner, family or friends.

Enjoy the charm of 3 villages in the mountains of the estancias (Lucar, Urracal and Partaloa) that control the entire Almanzora valley and the sierra de los filabres. 


Partaloa will surprise you with a quite picturesque landscape with a lot of stone blocks of enormous size that seem to threaten the buildings of the town. This is the phenomenon of “Los Desplomes” or “Colapses” , with immense conglomerates of stone that “threaten” the people hanging from the hillside.

The route in Partaloa begins at the roundabout that gives access to the town, there you can admire a sculpture with the head of a wolf that stands out, it is beautiful and carved in one piece. The wolves are part of the name of the town, previously called “Partaloba”. In that same area you have stunning views of the Crashes. Then you approach the lookout to see the wonderful landscape. There you can enjoy incredible 360º views. Then you can go down to town and take a walk. There is no better way to get to know a town than to walk through it, you will discover beautiful corners.

If you feel like riding a horse you can do it at the Rancho del Sol Ranch, it is located in the Retamar district very close to the town of Partaloa: Rancho del Sol.

Saturday: Urracal-Somontin-Lucar


On Saturday, after a balanced and generous breakfast, go by car to Urrácal, look for the old Lavadero and from there make a circular tour through the town of about 20 minutes.

Map of Urracal

At the exit of the village towards Somontín, look for the area around the pool to leave the car and enjoy a little adventure with an excursion to the Urrácal Strait that begins with a recreational area that you can see to your right.

Going down the path to the picnic area, you will have to leave the road quickly and continue along the Salada ravine down. Little by little the walls become narrower, you can hear the water as it flows next to you and sometimes below the ground. The gorge is closing more and more, the land full of stones and brambles we cross it by a small path until we reach the center of the strait where we will have to jump small rocks, cross the stream several times and ask all the saints (if it is that you are a believer) that the water level allows you to cross it in its entirety since one of the greatest charms of this adventure is that you do not know if the water level will allow you to cross the gorge or you will have to turn around just before the end where the walls are barely separated by one and a half meters and daylight is almost irrelevant. One way or another, it’s worth the experience.

Urracal narrow map


After this panoramic, you will be ready to return to the car and take the road towards Purchena-Tíjola, looking for the so-called “Barriada de Cela”, where you enter the spring of thermal waters. The waters emerge naturally with a constant flow of 42 liters per second and a temperature that is maintained at different times of the year between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius.

The waters of the Balsa de Cela have medicinal properties for different types of diseases. The reservoir formed at birth known as Balsa de Cela belongs half to the municipality of Lúcar and the other half to Tíjola. It has dimensions of 50 × 50 m and a depth ranging from 50 cm to 2 m. It has been subject to several improvements and extensions.

It is one of the favorite places for bathing by the inhabitants of the surroundings and it has become an important point of tourist confluence during the summer months. It is also common to see British citizens who live in the region, enjoy the water in winter.

Next to the Balsa de Cela, there are several places to eat: Caseta Tia Matilde.


After lunch, we will go up to the town of Lucar where we will make a short tour of its steep streets to lower the food. There are two lookouts in the upper part: one is the viewpoint of Lucar, is in the upper part (north) and dominates the whole town; the other, is the viewpoint of Santa and is at the opposite end where you access the road not far from City Hall.

You can have dinner in the bars of Lucar, Bar La Cueva you have next to City Hall or if you prefer you can return to the restaurants of the Balsa de Cela.

Lucar gateway map

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