Route that starts from Chercos Nuevo but with the objective of knowing Chercos Viejo. We will go along the river Chercos and along an old paved road. We will check the contrast between both towns, the first created in the middle of the 20th century on a flat surface with straight streets on grid, and the second of Arab origin, literally perched on a rocky mountain, with winding streets and steep slopes.

Take the opportunity to walk through the unusual narrow streets of Chercos as well as visit its points of interest such as the viewpoint, the old cemetery or the remains of a small Arab fortress from the Middle Ages.

Finally we leave Chercos Viejo to approach Piedra Labrá, a prehistoric archaeological-monumental complex. It is a set of rocks full of rock carvings and other more recent ones that have been superimposed.

The return can be made by the way to go or by the road that passes next to Piedra Labrá.

Route Chercos Nuevo – Chercos Viejo and Piedra Labrá

Route: 4.4 km
Circle: No
Total drop: 282m
Author: Senderos de Almería

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