Route Albox – Hills of the Saliente Sanctuary

Route that visits the hills that surround the well-known Saliente Sanctuary in Albox. Behind them we find two high hills that are difficult to climb, to which we add that there is only a piece of path that does not reach the top. Behind the building we find the beginning of the path, marked by an information panel. Following it we begin the ascent but very little by little, reaching some cultivated fields where the path is lost. From here we must improvise and look for a line of ascent that is not always easy, in fact, in the final part to the top, hiking almost becomes climbing. Once at the first peak, and the highest, we find a path to descend the ridge towards the second peak. Halfway up the hill we will see a fig tree that marks the entrance to a geodesic chasm used by caving enthusiasts. After crowning the second peak we begin the descent through the easiest part, which is the opposite of where the sanctuary is, where we will return using the Los Cerricos road.


Distance: 8.42km
Route: Circular
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated duration on foot: 3 hours

Author: kamaradanikolai
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